Everything you wanted to know about impotence

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The odds are pretty good that you never want to be a very knowledgeable fellow about impotence or erectile dysfunction.

It’s not exactly a “red hot topic of study”, but all the same when millions and millions of men all over the planet are dealing with erectile dysfunction (some studies suggest 60% or more men over the age of 40 globally deal with this condition) it certainly won’t hurt to know a little bit more about a problem that you may have to bump up against later down the line.

Or maybe you’re dealing with it right now.

We put together this quick guide to not only help you that are understand the basics of impotence and erectile dysfunction, but also to help you understand that there are a number of very viable solutions to help you get rid of the issue if it ends being a part of your life.

There are generic Viagra versions available to men in the UK and the EU (known as sildenafil) that have proven to be wildly effective (and why wouldn’t they be, they are carbon copies of the little blue pill from Pfizer at one tenth of the price), but there are also vacuum pump options, herbal supplements, injectables, and even (in some extreme circumstances) surgery that you might want to consider.

Just know that you have a number of options out there if you are dealing with ED and want to make sure that you never have to go through it again.

There are two major types of erectile dysfunction

Even though the estimated 150 million men that are dealing with ED today have all different kinds of root causes behind this condition, all of erectile dysfunction issues can be broken down into two specific classifications:

  • Lifelong erectile dysfunction
  • And acquired erectile dysfunction

The overwhelming majority of people that are dealing with ED in one form or another are dealing with an acquired erectile dysfunction condition. They used to be able to get erections whenever the mood struck, but now (for whatever reason) they aren’t able to.

But, believe it or not, there are also a lot of men out there that have never been able to “rise to the occasion” – no matter what the circumstances. These are the people dealing with lifelong ED, a problem that isn’t just physical but also psychological as it can we are down your confidence and self-esteem.

What causes ED in the first place?

As mentioned above, there are all different kinds of factors and conditions that can cause or play a role in ED. It’s also very rare to have only a single issue causing you problems – it’s usually a combination of different factors that are all combining to become a “perfect storm” of problems for you and your sex life.

Some of the issues that you may be dealing with include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Biochemical and hormonal issues
  • Heart disease and cardiovascular problems
  • Nervous system issues (including strokes)
  • Circulatory problems
  • Problems with your kidney, testicle, or thyroid performance
  • And even psychological issues like stress, pressure, and anxiety

Obviously, you’ll want to get checked out by a trusted and highly trained medical professional to figure out exactly what you’re dealing with when you have ED. Only they will be able to give you the full battery of tests and examinations necessary to find the underlying issues and then recommend a treatment solution for you going forward.

Do erectile dysfunction solutions actually work?

This is a big question for a lot of men that have just been given a prescription for Pfizer’s little blue pill, available in the UKK as the much cheaper generic viagra called sildenafil, or are recommended to begin using a penis injectable, a penis vacuum pump, or even (in some very extreme circumstances) go through an erectile dysfunction surgery.

After all, what’s the point in wasting time, a considerable amount of money, and getting your hopes up if you aren’t going to be able to enjoy real results on a consistent basis?

Well, even though the early days of erectile dysfunction solutions weren’t exactly known for their “home run solutions”, the truth of the matter is modern medicine, science, and research today has been responsible for some amazing breakthroughs across the board.

You can expect prescription grade options like sildenafil to perform to a very high degree (with 85% or more men that use this type of solution reporting success), and though you’ll want to leave surgery off the board until it’s absolutely necessary penis pumps and injectables – as well as a number of herbal supplements and solutions – have proven to be effective as well.

At the end of the day, you’re always going to have a number of different opportunities that you’ll be able to take advantage of when it comes time to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Never feel like you are alone.

You’re not, not by any stretch of the imagination!


Symptoms and signs of erectile dysfunction to be on the lookout for

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The odds are really fantastic that you’ll have to deal with erectile dysfunction at one point or another in your life.

According to a number of medical journals, more than 70% of men over the age of 45 have had to deal with at least some type of erectile dysfunction in one way or another. We are talking about hundreds of millions of men (may be even billions of men) that are dealing with this very real and serious problem today.

But rather than freak out about whether or not your sex life is going to take a nosedive in the middle of your fourth decade on this planet (the point in time when most of us are really starting to get into the swing of things, reaching our “second prime”), you should be prepared to deal with the issue when it arises – no pun intended – with the help of solutions like sildenafil, one of the most effective and reliable generic Viagra solutions on the market today.

Hopefully with the information in this quick guide you’ll be able to spot erectile dysfunction from a mile away and get out ahead of it before it threatens to rob you of your manliness.

Initial signs that you should be on the lookout for

Erectile dysfunction is a bit of a progressive medical condition that starts off pretty innocuous, but builds into one of the most devastating (physiologically as well as psychologically) conditions that a man can come down with.

The first thing that you’ll want to look out for is a lack of sexual desire and a lack of performance that you haven’t noticed before.

Obviously, this is going to be a little bit subjective on a case-by-case basis by its very nature. There is no “Golden Standard” that dictates how much desire you should have at a specific point in your life, or how you are able to perform, either. You’ll just have to look for warning signs that are a bit out of the ordinary and reach out to get help as soon as possible.

Just remember that there is a world of difference between a bit of “stage fright” and a slowdown in your libido stemming from other issues (lifestyle concerns, stress and pressure, or a general lack of attraction to your partner, for example) and the starting of erectile dysfunction.

But it’s always better to be a little bit more safe than sorry.

Chronic symptoms

As mentioned above, there is a pretty big difference between dealing with a little bit of stage fright and performance anxiety before the “action” kicks off and having to contend with real of erectile dysfunction – when the machinery just isn’t working the way that it should (or the way that it always used to).

If you have begun to deal with chronic symptoms that cripple your ability to get an erection when the moment is right, or aren’t feeling the desire that you used to on a regular basis any longer – and especially if this starts to occur on a regular or routine basis – you’re likely dealing with erectile dysfunction.

This is when you’ll need to speak with a medical professional that can recommend a handful of solutions for you moving forward. Most of the time they will point you in the direction of a product like sildenafil (may be the most widely recommended generic Viagra on the planet), a chemical solution can get you off the bench and back into the game faster than you would have ever imagined.

Ask your doctor or a trusted medical professional about whether or not you should buy Viagra to help you beat erectile dysfunction once and for all!


Banish Situational Erectile Dysfunction With Generic Viagra

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Pair ProblemWhen people discuss a man’s sex organ, they’re often referring to the wrong one. A man’s biggest and most important sex organ is his brain. Most erectile dysfunction problems are due to a host of factors like stress, anxiety, fear, and other emotional issues that can interfere with a man’s concentration and relaxation at exactly the wrong time for normal sexual activity. While there is now effective, safe, and inexpensive medical treatments for erectile dysfunction like generic Viagra, often referred to by its chemical name, sildenafil, these wonder drugs still rely on the brain to transmit signals that it’s time to be aroused for sexual activities. Their greatest benefit might be to remove the fear that even though it’s time to perform sexually, you’ll be physically unable to.

If you read or hear about erectile dysfunction, you might get the impression that it’s an either/or situation; either you have it or you don’t. But unless you’re a very unusual person, there are always situations where a man could fail to get aroused at the appropriate time and need a little help. This is termed situational erectile dysfunction, and it’s so common that researchers say it might happen in as many as 20 percent of all sexual encounters.

The reasons for situational erectile dysfunction are so varied that they really can’t be listed. Pre-sex jitters are so common for so many man that it’s difficult talk about only a few of them; however, the most common issues men report when seeking out advice on the use of generic Viagra in order to perform despite situational erectile dysfunction include:

  • Simple performance anxiety – The fear of being unable to perform sexually leads to poor sexual performance. This form of self-fulfilling prophecy leads to men seeking out treatments for erectile dysfunction in order to act as way to ensure that they’ll be able to perform adequately so they can relax.
  • Worries about age — While age can be a factor in erectile dysfunction, most men can perform sexually when they grow older, including when they’re over the age of 65. Many times age becomes another factor in simple performance anxiety, when there’s no underlying physical reason why you couldn’t perform sexually. Sildenafil is often prescribed to help men overcome this anxiety.
  • Shyness – Body image problems are almost always s reported as a female topic, but men are really no different than women in worrying about their appearance when confronted with sexual intimacy. Diet and exercise can improve a man’s physical appearance at the same time it boosts your self-esteem about your looks, but simply being open and honest about your feelings with your partner can also help ease tension and allow you to enjoy yourself.

It’s interesting that men report that they have sexual problems at a rate of up to six times the actual rate of problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of libido with aging. That means that millions of men are decreasing the quality of their sex life by worrying too much about their sexual performance. If taking generic Viagra helps men to have the confidence they need to perform sexually, it may be because it’s working on the largest sex organ in the body as much as the other one.

Virility and Viagra

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Most men fear losing their virility some day. But what is this ‘virility’? Has anyone ever thought? Most men take it to be lack in vigor and strength, to other men it is simply erectile dysfunction. But the truth is surely that virillity is far more than an ED problem. Virility is the overall fitness of men. That includes mental and physical health. Sexual health contributes highly in this respect. Men eventually lose the capacity to maintain an erection as they age. This leads to a lack in confidence and finally self respect and self esteem.  A feeble erection can be a sign of ageing or an underlying health issue. Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of many serious diseases like multiple sclerosis, damaged nerves and cardiovascular disease. Ailments such as diabetes, depression, cholesterol, obesity and depression can can all be a part of the mix. This can have an enormous impact on a man’s life.

Taking Pills to Enhance Virility

Viagra or Sildenafil is a vasodilator with a strong effect on blood vessels. The action of this drug on the smooth muscles in the penis and related blood vessels is very notable. The oral blue little tablet has solvedmany a man’s problems related to erections. Since the lack of sufficient blood flow to penis is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. So this pill addresses the fundamental cause of ED. This is the main reason it is very effective on the sexual health of men. Sildenafil increases the flow of blood to the male genital region and thus enables a man to maintain a rigid penis for a long time. And one single pill can last for six to four hours. This is the reason that Viagra is the world’s favorite ED medication. The safe and secured use of this tablet can lead to satisfied love life

Vigor in Old-Age

Old men often marry young females. In this situkation, themy really need ED pills to enhance their erectile strength and power. Men tend to suffer from low vigor in old age,but thier virility can be maintained even in old age by using these pills. Viagra brings back life to the genitals. It also enhances the size and duration of an erection. This leads to a blissful and satisfied life. The major aim of Viagra is to bring back joy and compassion into a man’s life. So you could say this magic ‘blue pill’ has removed the ‘blues’ from the life of many men.